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Which OS is Better: Linux or Windows?

Posted by on Jul 5, 2015 in Linux, Windows | Comments Off on Which OS is Better: Linux or Windows?


This battle has been raging for some time now; the battle between the users of two different operating systems, Linux and Windows. Both users go to extreme lengths to prove that the operating system they use is better, and why shouldn’t they? They’ve probably been using it for so long, that they’ve grown to be accustomed to it and feel that everything it does is better than the other OS just because they know hoe to handle it.

But, this competition won’t be like that. We will try to compare them on several key issues and then, based on that result, decide which of these two operating systems truly is the best. So, let’s get it started.

First of all, we will attempt to compare them based on the system requirements that both of these operating systems have. In this comparison, it appears that the Windows system needs less RAM; however, it requires you to have more hard disk space, twice as much as the Linux system. All other parameters seem to be pretty much the same with the both sides, which means that these two operating systems are the same in this field. So, it’s a tie; but that’s about to change, since were moving on to the next comparisment.

linux-windows-hostingWhen it comes to the versions available, it has to be said that Linux has the upper hand here. This operating system offers a vast variety of versions of just one operating system, unlike Windows, that offers far less of them.

And after the selection of the right version, you’ll need to install it, right? And, that is where we’re going to have our next comparisment. In the past, installations were terrible, and especially the installation of a Linux operating system. However, the times have changed now, due to the fact that Linux offers live CD or DVD modes, while the Windows system does not. It appears as if Linux won this round also.

Now, Linux may have a better installation process, but the Windows operating system offers far better support for your system, as well as drivers for it. Windows is more in touch with the latest developments in the field of drivers, and especially if you wish to use your computer for playing video games. In that case, Windows is the OS for you.

And now we come to the part of the operating system that is very important – its looks. The appearance of an operating system, as well as its customization abilities influence the overall rate very much, but the problem with this is the fact that they’re both equally the same in this field. But, we do have one more comparisment, which will seal the deal and finally decide which OS is better.

And this final comparisment is the one of the software. In the old days, Windows would win in this any day of the week, however, lately, Linux has become better at it than Windows, and Windows software seems to be just confusing and illogical.

So, at the end, when we draw the line, it appears as if Linux is better than the Windows OS. However, this is just our opinion, and it is your right to disagree with it.

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