Advertising with ReviewLinux.Com is very affordable.  If you are interested please just use our Contact Form and place in the subject line: Advertise with ReviewLinux.Com

These rates below are just a starting point.  Please feel free to negotiate.


Top Right Hand Header Banner: 468 x 60 pixels

This banner gets the most exposure on our site.  Best suited for companies that want max views.  Our price for this location is $35.00 per month payable in advance.  We are willing to change out the banner during the billing period for a price of $5.00 per instance.  We do not have a rotating banner ad program,  so this add is Full Exposure and consistant on all pages at ReviewLinux.Com


Side Menu Bar ( far Right ) 125 x 125 pixels

This banner area is consistently shown on all Category and Article pages.  While not as many viewings as the Top Right Hand Header Banner it is still a great location.  Our price for this location is $15.00 per month payable in advance.  Again we will change the banner at the client’s request during the billing period for a charge of $5.00.


Side Menu Bar ( Larger Area where Google Ads are advertised under heading Advertisements. )

This are is again shown on every page at ReviewLinux.Com.  It is a rather large area thus we are selling this space for $25.00 per month.  Max width of a graphic is 250 pixels and we want the length to be no longer than what you see with the current Google Ad advert.

We are also open to text links and again please email us.

Michael Perks

Pricing updated September 13,  2012