From Start to Finnish: Some games for your Linux OS

When Finnish game developer Frozenbyte announced that it started a partnership with Linux to develop some games for the less-popular platform, fans of Linux were delighted that their beloved operating system will finally have a decent share of games. Frozenbyte, a 20-strong video game company based in Finland saw the potential in the Linux platform, which many large game manufacturers like EA or Activision grossly missed. To begin with, Linux creator and architect Linus Torvalds was of Finnish descent, with his father a notable broadcast journalist in Finland and his grandfather a celebrated Finnish poet. Also, there is a substantial market of Linux users in the country because around two percent of the population uses Linux as their operating system; which translates to almost 2,000 computers in Finland are Linux-powered. Since there is a significant number of Linux users who are looking for games, here is a list of games you should get.

1. PartyPoker

Because the poker industry in Finland is yet to be established unlike many of its Scandinavian and mainland Europe neighbors, online poker is the solution of many players who get tired of waiting in queue just to play cards. However, don’t get the country wrong: Finland is trying its best to become a force to reckon with in the poker industry. However, there are still quite a few poker joints in the country. The biggest place to play poker in the country, the Grand Casino Helsinki, has only 30 tables dedicated for poker players, while other casinos have less tables for poker matches. Because many players are tired of encountering locals and avoiding queues, they just go to for instant and high-octane matches. Aside from large signup bonuses, regular open tournaments, and a warm and friendly community, players can also take PartyPoker with them via the PartyPoker Android app.


2. Quake IV

When the revolutionary Doom 3 engine was first unveiled, Linux users were one of the firsts to experience Quake IV, the much-awaited installment to the successful Quake franchise. In this game where action and horror grips the player to pull the trigger, the story picked up where Quake II left, a space marine named Matthew Kane was tasked to finally take down the oppressive and ruthless cyborg race, the Strogg. By returning the original concept where quake became famous, Linux fans finally found a gem in this game.



3. Trine

This is where Finnish game developer Frozenbyte comes in. If you’re a fan of Torchlight games with a kick of side-scrolling classics, you’ll definitely love Trine. In this game, you can control one of the three characters: a wizard, a thief, and a knight. You have to fight your way to hordes of enemies and solve puzzles and quests. Because of its success, it spawned two sequels, which includes a release for Linux.