Fuduntu 2012.2 Release

The second Fuduntu quarterly ISO, Fuduntu 2012.2 is now available for immediate download. As with all Fuduntu releases, this release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements. It is important to note that existing Fuduntu users have already rolled up to this version through the normal update process, and do not need to download or reinstall from this media to benefit from this release.

Major package updates this release:

  • Kernel 3.2.13
  • Chromium 17
  • Firefox 11
  • Thunderbird 11
  • Pidgin 2.10.2
  • LibreOffice

Platform Changes, Mirror Infrastructure:
During this cycle, the Fuduntu team has made many changes to improve the overall experience with the distribution. The largest, and most welcomed change is the shift from SourceForge as our package host to a new mirrorable infrastructure.

In addition to building and enabling the new infrastructure we are pleased to announce that several open source mirror providers have begun replicating our repositories. This change improves speed and availability of software available for installation, as well as package updates.

Read Full News Release: fuduntu.org