Google’s augmented reality game inspires players to duel one other in ‘Braveheart paint’

Google Ingress Cult Following
Don’t get freaked out if you see people dressed up like William Wallace trying to zap each other with their Nexus 7 tablets — they’re just playing Ingress, Google’s (GOOG) experimental augmented reality game that first launched last November. AllThingsD reports that since its debut last fall, Ingress has developed a small but loyal cult following around the world that has helped players build bonds with one another as they travel to real-life landmarks and engage in virtual fights with rival factions. Ingress creator John Hanke tells AllThingsD that one recent outing involved roughly 100 Ingress players converging on the monument of William Wallace in Scotland with some showing up “in Braveheart paint with Nexus 7 tablets to play.”

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