Review: Mageia 2

Less than two months after the release of the first film together, let’s see where Mageia Meanwhile, two advanced, what it’s actually two versions of GNOME offers and how it is with those closed graphics drivers. Finally, I also explain why despite all the trouble for Mageia 2 shall continue to remain …


What has changed in two months?


Much and little. A lot has changed in my case in terms of stability. About 14 days after publication of the first part reviews magically disappeared my stability issues emerging from daily kernel panic. I do not know about that then “flowed” any relevant updates (certainly not the kernel or any modules, maybe some applications), so I attributed the Linux rule of Mr. Murphy: “Kernel panic disappears when you write about on linux server ” ;-).

Mageia Mageia

Much has changed in the application area. For example, my favorite Firefox still holds version 10, currently 10.0.11, although seventeen is out for a long time. Slowly I’m starting to think that Firefox 17 is officially appear until Mageia 3, the third alpha was released less than a month, while the final version is planned for May next year. But I’m used to it (including that I was seventeen and has launched manually, see screenshots). I would say that it has become more stable and GIMP (now 2.8.2) and Rawtherapee (though still “only” 4.0.6, when the project homepage offers 4.0.9.x) and darktable (here all honor Peťošovi, recent updates from the repository holds a decent pace with – in addition to further Peťošova repository using BDK).

GPU drivers or little bit half apology Mageia team


In the discussion below  the first part you reviled me that I was not able to use the otherwise perfectly functioning GUI to change the graphics driver from the open to the closed-source. Yes, it’s partly my fault, just my system or anything like that offered for GeForce, Radeon, and even for my glimpse into Mageia Control Center (+ items Browse and configure hardware) revealed to me anything like that. Today I know that the fault is with me, because the menu for the GPU drivers also offer a driver so that it installs itself Mageia 2.

Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia

But the problem is that this driver is in dialogue after his portrayal as if preselected, so it gives the impression that this is the currently active driver, which in this case meant the Radeon HD 5450 only available (“radeon / fglrx”. Would not dream occurred to me that if this dialogue instead of “Cancel”, click on “Ok”, I offered to install a closed drivers from the manufacturer’s GPU.

Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia

However it happened, and it works perfectly. And as for the Radeon HD 5450, and for the GeForce GTX 550 Ti – in both cases, the system is able to put into operation a well-closed automatic control its own process, if the user through the control center of clicking through to him. But it is not intuitive in any way, rather it is very confusing.

Control panel for AMD Radeon:

Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia

Control panel for Nvidia GeForce:

Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia Mageia

One thing I appreciate the constant juggling between the two prints with the GPU manufacturers system endured for one and did not and does not have any problem with that. True, now on boot failure in the log I find this or that kernel module for the GPU, which is not really present, but does not otherwise affect the smooth running of the system, therefore you from my own experience I can say that this has a lot Mageia zmáknutější than Ubuntu (it usually two prints were thrown into the knee and XKA stopped approaching, but I admit that the last time I so thoroughly examined and a half year old Ubuntu 11.04).

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