Review: SolusOS 1.2

SolusOS is a new Debian-based distro that uses the GNOME 2.3 desktop. SolusOS comes with such core applications as Firefox, VLC, and LibreOffice. It’s a relatively easy way to get both Debian and a GNOME 2 desktop in one, convenient package.

SolusOS 1.2 Download

You can download SolusOS 1.2 from this page. The file I downloaded weighed in at 1.04 GB. Since SolusOS 1.2 is based on Debian, you might want to check out some books about Debian.

If you’re a distrohopper then you might want to try it in a virtual machine via VirtualBoxVMWare, or Parallels before running it on real hardware.

You can download SolusOS 1.2 in 32-bit, 32-bit with PAE or 64-bit versions. I used the 32-bit version for this review.


SolusOS 1.2 Installation

The install was relatively easy, but did require some disk partitioning. Overall, it took about 20 minutes or so for the install to complete.

SolusOS 1.2 Install 1

SolusOS 1.2 Install 1


SolusOS 1.2 Install 2

SolusOS 1.2 Install 2


SolusOS 1.2 Install 3

SolusOS 1.2 Install 3

The SolusOS 1.2 Desktop

If you’re a GNOME user, then you’ll love the SolusOS 1.2 desktop. It uses GNOME 2.3, so you won’t find the later (and some would say annoying) versions of GNOME. It’s really a traditional desktop environment (or perhaps it would be better called “classic?”)

The desktop is uncluttered, you’ll find just three icons: Computer, Home and Trash.

You can access all applications, system tools, etc. by clicking on the Menu button. Applications are broken down into the usual categories, and you can easily navigate to your Home, Documents, Music, etc. folders. The Control Center is right above the Search box so it’s easy to get to the tools you need to manage your SolusOS 1.2 system.

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