Review: Zon OS 7

Zorin OS is somewhat different from other distros, as it has a commercial angle to it. It has a paid full featured version with support and a free version. In this review, I take on the latest release Zorin OS 7 Free Version. It is based on Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) and has 6 months of support till Oct 2013.

The release note states of significant improvements in design and functionalities in the latest release:

“The Zorin OS team is proud to finally release the Zorin OS 7 Core and Ultimate, the latest version of our operating system designed for Linux newcomers. Zorin OS 7 brings about a plethora of changes and improvements such as a wide array of updated software, the Linux kernel version 3.8, the introduction of new software (Pidgin replacing Empathy and Steam in Zorin OS 7 Ultimate) and an enormous design overhaul. We have given the brand a facelift with our new logo. In addition to this, Zorin OS itself includes a brand new desktop theme. Zorin OS 7 is based on Ubuntu 13.04.”

I downloaded the Zorin OS free edition 32-bit ISO, about 1.5 GB in size for this testing. Zorin OS 7 free edition comes with Linux kernel 3.8.0-23, just like Ubuntu 13.04 and has a heavily tweaked GNOME 3.6 desktop. I created a live USB using Unetbootin, first did a live boot followed by installation in my Asus K54C 2.2 Ghz Core i3 laptop with 2 GB RAM.

Aesthetics and Hardware Recognition
Zorin OS 7 has a refined desktop interface and menu which resemble Window 7. With dark blue beehive wallpaper and tweaked AWN dock below, actually I found it to be more elegant and colorful than Windows 7! I like the way the developers have tweaked the AWN dock below to create Win7 like appearance. Overall, it looks appealing and good. Refinement is evident starting from boot splash (blue Zorin icon with a white background) to the applications itself, which is really good.

From Zorin OS 7

The Zorin dark blue beehive wallpaper gels well with the overall theme. However, if you get bored with it, Zorin has all the Ubuntu raring wallpapers as well to add variety. Further, there is no dearth of GNOME themes which you can very well try out.

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