ReviewLinux.Com: Video Review Sabayon Linux 10 XFCE

Today I created a short video on Sabayon Linux 10 XFCE.  Sabayon comes in many flavours of desktop managers.  XFCE is probably one of the lightest,  so I decided to look at it.  I have to admit,  I have always had issues with Gentoo,  Sabayon is based on Gentoo and from what I have read helps Noobs like me come to grips with Gentoo.  As far as Sabayon’s ‘Out of the Box’ theory it is basically sound as installation,  although different from other distributions I have played with was flawless.

You can download Sabayon 10 XFCE from the9r web site.  One thing I did notice when doing this video review was that Sabayon gave a specific menu area for their web site and support in the application area of the desktop.  This is very handy to those that may be new and contains links to various info.

Take a look at the video below.


Michael Perks – ReviewLinux.Com