ROSA 2012 R2 LXDE Screenshot Tour

The ROSA company presents a new update pack in the ‘R’ lineup — the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE. The ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE is based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment and the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 code base. This LXDE edition meets all the criteria for being simple and beautiful – the simplicity of the GUI brings the maximum work speed. The desktop is based on the GTK+ 2 framework, but some of the components use the most recent GTK+ 3 and GNOME 3 updates.
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ROSA 2012 R2 Screenshot Tour

ROSA is announcing a new major release pack for the ‘R’ series of its distributions – the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2. The ‘R’ lineup is targeted to the experienced users who care for fresh updated versions of the software and for those with new modern hardware. The R2 release includes all the updates, bug fixes and features added since the R1 release. The ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 is based on the KDE graphical desktop environment. The GNOME and LXDE editions are expected shortly as well.
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A banner year for patent litigation in 2012

patent litigation

Open source community members and most everyone else involved in software are concerned about patent lawsuits and the activities of non-practicing entities (NPEs). While we all have a sense from personal experience or by reading the news that patent litigation and NPEs are a large and growing concern, at times it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. A new report from a respected accounting firm gives a bird’s eye view of the forest.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) 2013 Patent Litigation Study, 2012 was a “banner year for patent infringement litigation.” Patent actions continued their dramatic rise in 2012 with 5,189 filings—the highest number ever recorded, and a 29% rise over last year, primarily resulting from the impact of the anti-joinder provision of the America Invents Act. Meanwhile, the 2012 median damages award, boosted by several unusually large damages awards, rose to nearly $ 10 million, which is double the average award seen over the previous six years.

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