Wild at Heart: Were Intelligence Agencies Using Heartbleed in November 2013?

Yesterday afternoon, Ars Technica published a story reporting two possible logs of Heartbleed attacks occurring in the wild, months before Monday’s public disclosure of the vulnerability. It would be very bad news if these stories were true, indicating that blackhats and/or intelligence agencies may have had a long period when they knew about the attack and could use it at their leisure.
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CAELinux 2013 Screenshot Tour

We are pleased to announce our new release, CAELinux 2013. CAELinux 2013 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit distribution and it contains a unique suite of open-source simulation tools for FEA, CFD or multiphysics simulation, but also a large panel of other engineering software for CAD-CAM and 3D printing, electronics, mathematics and programming. CAELinux 2013 represents a complete rebuild of the distribution with up-to-date software for better support of modern hardware and significantly enhanced ease of use, and we hope that you will enjoy it.
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Troubling signs for Apple as its tablet marketshare drops in 2013; Android tablets on the rise

Tablet marketshare

Apple has dominated the tablet segment for the last 3-4 years since the first iPad was announced. And although Android tablets were launched shortly after, they failed to make as big an impact as Apple did. However, Android OEMs have learnt quickly from their mistakes as Apple’s marketshare is seen to be shrinking according to a research made by the analysts at Gartner.

According to the findings, Apple’s tablet shipments came down to 36% from 52.8%. This is largely due to the presence of other players in the tablet segment who were virtually non-existent in 2012. Samsung on the other hand almost tripled its marketshare compared to 2012 as it now has over 19% of the pie. This can be accredited to the vast number of budget tablets sold by the Korean manufacturer. ASUS, which makes the Nexus 7, saw its marketshare increase by a measly 0.2% thanks to the rise in sales of the Nexus 7 and its Transformer line of tablets.

To put things in perspective, there has been a massive surge in tablet shipments with an increase of 79 million units compared to 2012. This number is expected to reach greater heights in 2014 with the arrival of several new budget and high end tablets. As it stands right now, Android tablet marketshare has reached 61.9%, comfortably overtaking Apple’s tablet marketshare.

Tablet Marketshare

Source: Gartner (login required)

Via: Phone Arena

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