Calculate Linux 14.12 KDE Screenshot Tour

We are happy to announce the release of Calculate Linux 14.12. Main changes: updates are checked even faster in the background; Calculate utilities, Perl and Python libraries, and the rest of your packages will not be updated separately any more; if only the file header has been modified, the new configuration will be accepted automatically; all obsolete package archives are cleared; added support for installing CL as a host system on Virtio devices; icons somewhat edited and services rearranged for Calculate Console; CLD and CLDX got back several wallpapers from previous versions.
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Linux Mint 17.1 MATE Edition : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Linux Mint 17.1 MATE Edition is the latest version of Linux Mint featuring MATE desktop environment 1.8.1. Released with many new improvements, software update and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use. Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and powered Linux Kernel 3.13, Linux Mint 17.1 will be supported until 2019.
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Tanglu 2.0 Screenshot Tour

We are glad to announce the availability of the second release of Tanglu, code name ‘Bartholomea’. This release contains a large amount of updated packages, and ships with the latest release of KDE 4 and GNOME. Tanglu 2 ships with two options to install it: Debian Installer (d-i) and our own live-installer. We recommend to use Debian Installer (‘Install Tanglu’ option on the live CD boot menu), because a lot of testing went into it and it does a much better job compared to the live installer, which will be replaced with Tanglu 3. The KDE flavor of Tanglu received bug-fix updates for the Plasma workspaces and contains new versions of the KDE applications.
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Fedora 21 : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Fedora 21 has been released and announced by fedora project, This release fedora 21 available in three flavors: Fedora 21 Cloud, Fedora 21 Server, and Fedora 21 Workstation.

Fedora 21 Workstation The Fedora Workstation is a new take on desktop development from the Fedora community. Our goal is to pick the best components, and integrate and polish them. This work results in a more polished and targeted system than you’ve previously seen from the Fedora desktop. We want our desktop operating system to solve your problems, not be your problem.

Fedora 21 Workstation features all of the latest GNOME 3.14 software, is powered by the Linux 3.17 kernel, and has a ton of other improvements and changes.

Fedora 21 Server The Fedora Server flavor is a common base platform that is meant to run featured application stacks, which are produced, tested, and distributed by the Server Working Group. Want to use Fedora as a Web server, file server, database server, or platform for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service? Fedora 21 Server is for you.

Fedora 21 Cloud : The Fedora Cloud Working Group and Special Interest Group (SIG) has been busy leading up to Fedora 21. Cloud is now a top-level deliverable for Fedora 21, and includes images for use in private cloud environments like OpenStack, as well as AMIs for use on Amazon, and a new “Atomic” image streamlined for running Docker containers.

For more detail about this release read Fedora 21 announcement

Fedora 21 Workstation Screenshot Tours

Fedora 21 - Login Screen Fedora 21 - Desktop Fedora 21 - Activities Fedora 21 - Terminal Fedora 21 - System Monitor Fedora 21 - Nautilus Fedora 21 - Nautilus - Search Fedora 21 - Search on Activities Fedora 21 - Activities - Sub apps Fedora 21 - Firefox 33 Fedora 21 - gnome apps Fedora 21 - LibreOffice Fedora 21 - Rhythmbox Fedora 21 - Shotwell Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center Fedora 21 - Software Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Background Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Notifications Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Keyboard Setting Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Languages Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Online Accounts Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Privacy Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Search Setting Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Date and Time Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Mouse and touchpad Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Network Setting Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - power setting Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - Sound Setting Fedora 21 - Gnome Control Center - universal acces Fedora 21 - lockscreen Fedora 21 - Switch to GNOME Classic Fedora 21 - Gnome Classsic Fedora 21 - Gnome Classsic -  Date Fedora 21 - Gnome Classsic -  Nautilus Fedora 21 - Gnome Classsic -  Gnome Control Center Fedora 21 - Gnome Classsic -  Quit Session Download Fedora 21 Workstation GNOME 3.14

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