Video Review: Chakra 2012.09

Decided to do a quick review of Chakra 2012.09 which was released September 2012.   Great looking desktop with many packages and the ability to run non-free drivers.

From Chakra’s release notes:

The Chakra project team is proud to announce the second ‘Claire’ release. After the release of 2012.08 well over a thousand packages were updated, including a new sound stack, updated Poppler, OpenJPEG and OpenAl group, KDE 4.9.1, latest Calligra and LibreOffice. Because of all these changes, and to get back to having a release schedule that follows closely to the schedule KDE is using, 2012.09 is following the first ‘Claire’ ISO image rather quickly. It also gives us a chance to fix some issues found in that first release. Chakra is making the switch to PulseAudio as default with this release.

The Chakra Projects web site:

Direct download:


Here are a few screenshots plus video.  Enjoy.


Video below:


Michael Perks – ReviewLinux.Com