Video Review: DreamLinuix 5.0 Really Dreamy?

DreamLinux 5.0 was released on January 1 2012.

100% Debian ‘Testing’ compatibility; minimalist desktop with the most recent stylized Xfce 4.8 full of new custom features; safe updates through dist-upgrade; powerful modern installer which allows for an easy and swift installation in less than 5 minutes; exclusive boot system which makes for a quick initialization – can be installed from a DVD media or any Flash memory, VFAT-formatted device; Ruby, Lua, Vala, C, C++, Python and Perl programming environments, plus common development libraries already in place for immediate use

Installing DreamLinux 5.0 was very easy and took only a matter of minutes on my test VM.  It didn’t have the same look as other Linux Distributions in the install method but it was easy and successful.

Desktop 0f DreamLinux.5.0


DreamLinux 5.0 is full of useful Linux programs.  Many of your favorites will be included.

Many of your favorite application come standard in DreamLinux 5.0


I have done a short video tour below of DreamLinux 5.0 in action.


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