Video Review: Rebellin Synergy- A Great Debian Clone!

Decided to do a short video review of  Rebellin Synergy which can be downloaded at a cost.  Below is a page copy of why it costs.

Snippet from Authors Web Site:

Download Rebellin GNU/Linux

Thank you for your interest in Rebellin Linux. Rebellin is not distributed for free as other Linux distributions out there. But for the price, Rebellin brings with it, tremendous value to your computing lives and it just wont let you down! Know more about why Rebellin is NOT free?

Please go through the download instructions in the side bar before attempting downloads. We highly recommend you to create a Payza account. Alternatively you can also use Paypal for check out.

Rebellin Synergy 32 bit (i386)

Architecture: 32 bit (i386)
File type: ISO DVD Image
File Size: 1.5GB approx.
MD5 Sum: e42ad061f7dca1b140919740b24fb7ef
Price: $5.00 (USD)


Rebellin Synergy 64 bit (x86-64)

Architecture: 64 bit (x86-64)
File type: ISO DVD Imag
File Size: 1.5GB approx.
MD5 Sum: 7cb58dbb5468f063b3a51188bab4afe1
Price: $5.00 (USD)


Rebellin Adrenaline 32 bit (i386)

Architecture: 32 bit (i386)
File type: ISO DVD Image
File Size: 1.6GB approx.
MD5 Sum: 15ba9079ed936dbc8aabe8272b868f8b
Price: $5.00 (USD)



Rebellin Synergy is super fast! It’s faster than Windows and what’s more, it’s faster than several other major Linux distributions out there! Feel the nimble response of the Synergy kernel. You will be amazed at Synergy’s stability while running multiple high-memory consuming applications simultaneously. What’s more, Synergy Live DVD boots gracefully in a system with as low as 256MB RAM!

Rebellin Synergy comes with 4 Aqua themes – Amber, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire(default). There is a color for your every mood. Plus we have packed in some amazing wallpapers. They are so fine, that even if you end up hating everything about this Linux distribution, the wallpapers would surely lift your mood!

Below is the short video review to let you see what this Linux OS looks like before you shell out 5.00 US


You know you can spend 5.00 on worse things…….

Michael Perks